We are incredibly thankful for the people and the success of Service Star Realty. Whether you’re a tenant, investor or realtor, we hope to count you as one of our future 成功的故事! 刚开始的时候,我们并不知道我们会发展得这么快,这么强大. 就花在为我们的第一个百年计划一个百年庆典上 我们的规模增加了一倍(所以我们的庆祝活动也增加了一倍)!)

我们现在管理着大约800处房产,团队仍然感觉像一家人. 对于这次成功,我们并不感到害羞 because it’s driven by our philosophy to help people and provide exceptional service. You can get to know us in this video, hear why we kept our first ever keybox, who is the 擅长数字运算,善于与人打交道, 但最重要的是, 我们为什么喜欢我们的客户, 我们的团队, 终身从事物业管理工作.

Dora Pinter RMP®,CRPM®,MPM®,Master 物业经理和
David Swaim RMP®,CRPM®,MPM®指定经纪人


Service Star Realty began in 2011 from a shared vision of Dora Pinter and David Swaim, 一对拥有60多年房地产经验的凤凰城房地产经纪人夫妇. David and Dora wanted to create a property management company that offered valuable service at an affordable price that owners can trust in.

The original idea for developing a 凤凰城 property management company came to them when they watched David’s parents deal with a troubled property management company. 无法全国最大快三平台网到那家公司. They would return voice mails a week later or send an email instead of calling. They had extensive repair costs and a terrible track record for keeping tenants. 他们在同一年对一台新的洗碗机收费三次, 斯人决定他们需要一个不同的公司. This was a perfect opportunity for David and Dora to help and start fulfilling the vision.

这个行业需要能够提供优质客户服务的专业人士, 诚实和强烈的职业道德. 服务之星地产就是从这个最初的梦想中诞生的. 从那时起, the company has grown to manage around 800 properties because of client referrals and proven track record. The secret recipe is great systems where nothing falls through the cracks and an enthusiastic staff who loves property management. David and Dora are proud of their company growth and grateful to all the clients who have recommended them. Today, the Swaims and over 550 investors remain satisfied customers of Service Star Realty.


当您加入全国最大快三平台网, 你得到了整个的力量, 有风度的团队,唯一的目标就是帮助和取悦你.

They love to solve problems and enjoy being able to help tenants and owners at the same time. 但他们也有很多其他的爱好和兴趣.

见见下面的团队,看看你将与谁一起工作, 对物业管理, 和维护.

猜猜谁喜欢户外活动,谁是音乐节的粉丝... 请在下面的视频中了解他们.

米歇尔·纳尔逊 » 业务经理
Michelle已经在Service Star Realty工作了近5年, and her job entails auditing of all the policies and procedures of the company. 她负责会计工作, and she makes sure owners and tenants have all of their questions and concerns taken care of. Anything that anybody needs to get their job done effectively and productively -- that's what she's here for. She loves working here because we just don't work hard but we also have a lot of fun doing it.
直接:x 105 电子邮件: Michelle@LeaseAZ.com
德卡兹曼» 物业经理
来认识一下黛比·卡兹曼,服务之星房地产公司的物业经理. 黛比喜欢旅行, savoring the experience wherever she is at and no matter how simple the activity is. Having been an agent since 2000, Debi says there is still more room for her to learn and to grow. 此外, she enjoys the opportunity to help other people which is her ultimate goal as a property manager.
直接: 电子邮件: Debi@LeaseAZ.com
米歇尔Wesala» 物业经理
Michelle加入团队时拥有15年的多房经验. She is enjoying her transition in Service Star Realty, specifically from the Apartment Industry. She is having fun managing a variety of homes that gives her the opportunity to meet great people and see different properties. She is fond of meeting new people and trying to find the best possible living space for them.
直接: 电子邮件: MWesala@LeaseAZ.com
克里斯蒂Teawalt» 物业经理
Kristie came into the company with 14 years of experience in 物业管理. 她喜欢与客户一起工作,这些客户都是独栋住宅的业主. She is very fond of the team behind Service Star Realty because of the free flow of communication and the working environment is fun! 在她的工作, 她喜欢和她的狗在一起, 徒步旅行, 游泳, 和其他户外活动.
直接: 电子邮件: Kristie@LeaseAZ.com
米歇尔菲林» 物业经理
米歇尔于2020年加入了这个团队. 在这之前, she worked as a community manager and a portfolio director for assets for 15 years across Arizona and Texas. She loves working at Service Star because of the amazing people and the strong core values that are shared across the company.
直接: 电子邮件: MFilener@LeaseAZ.com
尼娜沃伯顿» 物业经理
Nina joined Service Star Realty with several years of experience in property management and real estate. 1999年开始从事多户物业管理工作. 尼娜喜欢旅游和参观主题公园. She also loves to spend quality time with her family, especially with her four kids. 她为自己与客户建立的关系和信任感到自豪. For her, being trusted with the owners’ investment properties is the greatest compliment.
直接: 电子邮件: Nina@LeaseAZ.com
瑞秋卡梅隆» 物业助理
瑞秋会在前台等你走进服务之星房地产公司, 当你打电话到办公室时接听电话,还有很多! One thing that she loves about working with Service Star Realty is the ability to come together and work as a team. 为了完成工作,他们能够分享自己的想法. She is an Arizona native and loves to go out and explore their state that offers fantastic recreational parks.
直接: 电子邮件: Rachel@LeaseAZ.com
凯拉·纳尔逊» 营销总监
As the 营销总监, her job is to monitor Service Star Realty's presence and brand. She ensures that the website and listings are presentable, accurate, and up-to-date. She also helps with onboarding new investors by helping answer questions regarding property management. What she likes the most about working with Service Star Realty is everyone in their team has sets of expertise, 在解决问题方面,他们有丰富的经验.
直接: 电子邮件: Kayla@LeaseAZ.com
阿什利豆 » 业务发展经理
As the business development manager, Ashley’s job is to bring new investors to the company. She helps them by walking them through the sign-up process and ensures they have all their questions met with what to expect from a property management company. What she likes most about Service Star Realty is that her colleagues are friendly, 太棒了, 他们就像一个快乐的大家庭.
直接: 电子邮件: Ashley@LeaseAZ.com
理查德Noeltner » 销售总监
理查德负责服务之星房地产公司的销售和收购. 他也是该公司的助理经纪人. He and his team accommodate potential clients on long-term objectives regarding their properties and the outlook of the marketplace. 经过评估,他提供最高的利润可能.
直接: 电子邮件: richard@realrichard.com